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The announcement list. Ultra low usage list that sends out reminders for moslug and lets you know when the website has changed. Monitor it closely, you never know when there will be a test.



The generic multipurpose list. We discuss just about anything here. Pretty low volume, but hopefully we will be changing that. While we do discuss tech stuff here a lot of this tends to lean toward upcoming events and stuff which we are doing.



Generic bunk list for posting test messages. Bugging the cruft outta fellow mosluggers and checking to see if anyone is monitoring. Mostly just for admin use.



List for the advlug discussions, mostly obsolete as we toss these into the moslug general list a lot. I don't think this list has ever been used.



Super-secret dark and mysterious list of lists. Only one who passes the destruct-o-matic hazing and emerges victorious from the room of inexplicable stench is privileged enough to receive these mailings. Perhaps, with much valor and redundancy, courage and repetitious pleading you may, perchance be cursed with this malodious list.

last modified 02.09.2004 18:23