Welcome to moslug!

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m.o.s.l.u.g. -- the Missouri Open Source/Linux Users' Group

In the year 2000, back when SysOps were SysOps and the plague of DDoS struck fear into the hearts of mortals and an MCSE was still respected (ok that didn't really happen, but it could have), A group of rebels, mystics and iconoclasts gathered together to recreate the world of computation as it should have been. That fell through and moslug is what happened. Feel free to stop by on the first Tuesday of the month to see what we are up to.

We meet on:
1st Tuesday of the Month
start: 1800-1900
end: 2300-0000

We meet at:
The Basement of Culpepper's
312 S. Kirkwood Rd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122

click here to get a map of the area from yahoo maps.
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