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-News- Greetings, and Welcome to MOSLUG.
The news as of today 11/29/04 is that Arlo is taking a break for a while! So I phdev am going to try to fill in for a while. If you dont know me by that or skippy then you will just have to come to the next meating to meat me.
Yes i said meat!
The next meeting will be 12/7/04 it starts at 7:00 as usual and well dont forget you emergency pants!
--brief butting in by an anonymous user--
The links have all been updated to point to a non-user-specific address of web. . . this will be passed to a couple of different folks and will allow others to be added/removed without disturbing the flow of traffic.
click description for more info, to submit an event, email web with the details or a url.
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